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Public companies who announced blockchain initiatives

I’ll use this to keep track of companies that have announced blockchain adoption and thus pumping up their stock prices. I’ll update the list as best as I can:

  • Long Blockchain Corp LBCC 0.19 +0.00 +2.20%
    • Used to be Long Island Iced Tea Corp.
    • No experience in blockchain tech.
    • Not sure what they will be doing with blockchain
  • Chanticleer Holdings BURG 1.88 -0.00 -0.03%
    • Owns Hooters
    • Announced they will be putting their customer loyalty/rewards on blockchain. Doesn’t mean anything for the business in my opinion
  • Kodak KODK 2.44 -0.02 -0.82%
    • Will manage digital photo rights. Sounds interesting. ICO will be on 31st Jan 2018
    • Renting out ASIC miners (machines to mine bitcoin). Featured in CES2018. Another company is managing this sector for them. Kodak is possibly just loaning out their name.
  • Ameri Holdings Inc AMRH 0.40 +0.00 +0.81%

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